How To Fix USB Connection not working in HP Laser Jet Printer Error Code P1102w

HP LaserJet Printer Error Code P1102w is the printer error that occurs in the HP Printer. Now we can connect our printers with the Laptop linked with or without USB Cable. The crucial benefit of using the USB connection is connecting several devices and gadgets like mobile, camera, printer, drivers, etc. When you are connecting your printer with a laptop through a USB Cable, sometimes it brings a printing barrier. The printer scanner can scan the images and take a duplicate print. It occurs due to several reasons, like the incorrect connection.

HP Laser Jet Printer Error Code P1102w

There are many causes related to the printer pause situation, like internet connectivity, which is not robust. When your printer was not working due to various issues like paper jammed in roller, loose wires, so you don’t proceed with the connection, if you are using an updated USB Cable or wires and it can create complications, then try other USB Ports.

Guidelines To Troubleshoot The HP LaserJet Printer Error Code P1102w:-

Examine The Device Manager:-

Examine The Device Manager

• Firstly, you have to examine the device manager.

• If any printer error appears in your printer, the device manager is close to the USB Controller entry on the printer device list.

• It will show the printer error notification. When your printer is not working so, you have to sort out this issue immediately don’t free for a long time.

• After that, you have to choose programs and characteristics which should be influenced by selecting the HP Laserjet printer list and then uninstall it promptly.

Run a Clean Installation:

• You can sort out this issue by executing a clean installation procedure. For this, firstly, you have to disconnect the USB Connection and then right tap on the computer.

Run a Clean Installation

• After this, you have to choose the programs and attributes which should be influenced by selecting the HP Laserjet printer entries and then uninstall.

• Now again, right tap on the Start menu button, and you have to choose the control panel.

• Now click at the hardware and sound. After this, you have to choose your device and printers, after which you have to disconnect all the instruments and select the printer entries.

Reset the Printer System:-

• In the printer, the USB Connection Trouble appears due to the configuration issue. So to sort out, reassembling the configuration settings.

• Firstly, you have to the right tap in the Start and then choose the control panel.

• Now, you have to tap at the Hardware and Sound from where you have to select Devices and Printers and then specify printers.

• Now, you have to press on your printer from the below options and then select Reset printing system, which should be verified by tapping on OK.

• To start the System Resume Process, which requires give admin authorization and then choose your printer name appears on Top and press the Add icon.

Instructions to Troubleshoot the USB Cable and Connection:-

When your USB connection is not working properly, inspect if it is connected with the computer appropriately or not because it leads to the printer not working. For this situation, plug it into the power outlet with the power cable if it has one and then install the necessary and required software. Now, examine the power cables and the USB hub to find out if the USB

The Center is connected to the power cord or not. Then, assure that both the center and the device go ahead at the same speed.

So, all these above steps surely help you out “How To Fix USB Connection not working in HP LaserJet Printer Error Code P1102w”. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly. We will help you out for sure.

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