How To Fix HP Printer Printing Issue On An Android Phone

HP Printer Printing Issue on Android Phone is that type of issue which usually come in the printer. Nowadays, printers and computers are an essential part of our daily life. So with advanced up-grading, we have expanded our usage and have started using electronic gadgets and devices for several kinds of works. The printer not working due to internet connectivity is not proper. But when it comes to getting a hard copy of a document printer not working correctly. HP printer is launching with a various number of different models of printers. The printer helps in the print out documents and scan images, and fax them.

HP Printer Printing Issue On An Android Phone

HP Printer Printing Issue on Android Phone will give each of them different and advanced characteristics compared to others. One of the most famous printers in the market is the wireless one. It will permit to print from any corner of the house and office. Now today, we will look into several ways that will assist you to sort out this error. A printer scanner is characterized by printing documents and making a xerox copy of the items with the help of a printer. The printer pause situation comes when you want to print, but the printer doesn’t take your commands. If you face any trouble following the instructions mentioned here, you can solve it by discussing it with us. Have a look below:-


Before you begin, ensure that your printer and your phone are linked to the same wireless network. Sometimes low paper or some ink is not filled correctly; it leads to printer error.

Use Google Cloud Print:-

• To troubleshoot the difficulty so firstly, you should require to do is add your printer on Google Cloud.

• This can be done by first Updating Chrome and then going to the Main Menu.

• Then click on the Settings option and then choose the show advanced setting option.

• Now, you can scroll down to the manager under Google cloud print.

• We this following the above steps now tap on the add printers option and then choose your printer model and again press on add printer.

• At the present moment, you must add the Google Cloud Print app to your phone.

• You can conveniently install it from the play store. All you have to do for this is open the Google Play store. Then on the top search option, type google cloud print.

• Lastly, click on the search option. So at a past result is appearing on your screen, download the app.


• First step, open the file or document you wish to print. You can choose your own to open the files saved on your phone or available files saved on Google Cloud, Google Drive, or DropBox.

• Now click on the Menu you can see on the top of your phone and recognized by three dots.

• Now, Click on the print option.

• Now, Tap on the drop-down menu that is on the top of your phone.

• At the moment, press on the printer model that you are using from HP Printers.

• Lastly, your print is sorted out with these steps follow sequence wise.


In this method, you feel that you require to print something that you saw while searching on the internet and instant images, and it is not stored on your phones. In this case, you can either print the document or save the image by downloading it and then saving it on your phone. Another thing you can do is directly print it from the searching page using your phone.

So, all these above steps surely help you out. “How To Fix HP Printer Printing Issue On An Android Phone.” In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly. We will help you out for sure.

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