How to Fix HP Printer not responding in 3 Steps:

HP also produces printers, and it is one of the superior devices among the buyers in bulk quantity. You should first check the HP printer not responding to print command due to some reasons like stuck paper queue it shows printer not working. You can clear all the last print commands and delete all the print commands and then your HP printer back to normal.

Sometimes, buyers not in the situation what to respond to the trouble facing in the print because they can’t print anything from the HP Printer not responding to print command while printing the documents. First, you always make sure that the printer is on and paper in the tray still, so that printer error doesn’t occur.

Lots of reasons due to which this kind of problems and based on its causes some useful and positive solutions for the HP Printer not responding to print command.

Why HP Printer not Responding| Try Given Steps

Pursue the given specifications in a suitable way to get the printer not working, so the inconvenience arises obliterate in just a few seconds. So below mentioned steps and methods are for all kinds of trouble you face, so perform them in the same order.

Step 1: Check Your Antivirus and Firewall:

Most of the time, HP Printer not responding to Print Command notifications showing due to antivirus or firewall program. This kind of hassle face by you because of using a Wi-Fi or network printer it shows printer error. If there is a complication with antivirus on account of this printer not working, then it is suggested you disappear for some time and check this solution is helpful for you.

If that doesn’t help you, then you need to uninstall your third-party antivirus software. After uninstalling, check again if the problem still arises. If deleting the antivirus resolve the issues, you can give regular printouts without any trouble.

Step 2: Check Your Printer Connections:

The most common basis of HP Printer not responding to print command is printer error in your network connection. Accordingly, this procedure, you have to instantly check your printer’s links with a desktop laptop to see if they are plugged in or not. Suppose your printer connects with a USB port, attempt and try to use a different USB port for connection. For Wi-Fi printers, you’ll need to scrutinize that the printer properly connected to the suitable Wi-Fi network. Like, it could be that printer isn’t disconnected the proper network name.

Now, you have to look over the printer cable is connected correctly with printer and computer. It is connected to printer functionally in that way, so printer pause doesn’t arise. If you still cannot print so, you have to look over the printer and make sure that printer not set at offline mode. If your connection showed the configuration it seems to be set up accurately, and reconnecting your printer to a port on your computer, so this may solve your issues and queries related to the printer not working.

Step 3: Assure That Your Printer Properly Configured:

The printer may not respond nicely when you send unlimited commands with an over-limit count of pages. That’s why HP printer not responding to print command, so you have to give limited pages print so your printer doesn’t show printer not working.

Wireless connections are also creating a problematic situation for the printer error, and it arises the printer pause, and it leads to delay in work. Now what you do, Shut down the printer and resume to reset on the printer end. If that is not the issue, check the connection of your wireless router and reset the router as well so not creating any problem associated with printer error.

Many HP Printer not responding appear offline mode when they are not enough paper, ink or toner. You may be able to check ink levels regularly because empty ink and toner refill may create the trouble for printer not working. Look for a paper tray alert, blinking ink or low toner message, and replace the supplies as necessary paper need in the paper tray. Fill the tray in enough amount so don’t put the extra paper in tray only with maximum limit it saves the paper also. So, manage your printer properly first by using the following given directions and check the problem and fix the issue.

* First, open the Control Panel on your window then go to Devices and Printers section.

* Recognize your printer from the list and give a right-click on it.

* Now, select Printer Properties.

* Go to the Ports tab and make sure that the same port is selected.

* After assuring this, click on Apply and then an OK button.

After making these little solutions, print with your printer to check whether your printer works or not.

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