How to fix HP Printer “GET? DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml HTTP/1.1” Error

HP Printers are come up with modern technology the focus to make your printing affair smooth, efficient and fasten the process, so HP Printer Error GET DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml unwanted pages are printing will not happen again. All these upgraded technologies in the printers assist in all the works of like you can conveniently work at home and all the business purposes, small business level to high-level business level and all the office printing requirements in every department. The Printer is the essential thing in every office, so you need superior quality so get long life. Printer error is there when you don’t follow the instructions accurately according to the guidelines in the printer help. When Printer not working, make sure that paper is not jammed or stuck in the paper feed rollers. There are various options products are there manufactured items like LaserJet Series, Desk Jet Series, portable photo sticker printers, HP Ink Advantage Ultra Printers, HP Tank Printers. The Printer Scanner is a tool which is scanning the documents then transform into the digital format.

how to fix hp printer GET DevMgmt Discoverytree

When you are using the superior services, you should also know about the overall inside and outside activity of the Printer. It helps you to sort out the issue when your Printer not working and stops performing due to external and internal complications. In the Printer pause it leads to Printer don’t perform well in the middle it stops working. So now here we are going with the discussion on how to resolve the HP Printer error efficiently.

Causes “GET DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml HTTP/1.1 Error Message HP Printer-

So you are thinking about what us ‘HP Printer Error’ ‘GET DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml HTTP/1.1 all about?

When your HP Printer appears – ‘HP Printer Error’ ‘GET DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml HTTP/1.1 it means there are many complications linked to the printer driver. The indications of this error are as follows:

1.1 Error Message HP Printer

1. Printer completes printing command it prints out if the page that says “HTTP….” and “host.”

2. GET DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xr HTTP/1.1 Host:

You get above notifications pop up after you complete a printing command as an added printing page with the above message.

Steps HP Printer Error GET DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml HTTP/1.1-

Now, you have to follow the below-mentioned directions in the sequence wise-

• On your Windows 7PC, tap on “Start” and then on “Device and Printers.”


• Right- Click on “Device and Printers” and go to “Printer Properties”.

• Click “Advanced”. After that,

• Move the cursor and click on “Separator Page”.

• Tap on “Clear the space” and click on “okay” this will be fixed your HP Printer Error GET DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml

You can now follow the above directions:

• On your Windows 7PC, Tap on ‘Start’ icon.

• Place and right tap on. “HP CP2025” or “P20x5” driver symbol.

• Press on “Printer Properties.”

• Now, Again Press on “Device Setting.”

• Downward option “Installable” option, select and indispose ‘Printer Status Notification’. So that you can sort out with the HP Printer Error GET DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml

• Choose ‘Apply’ and ‘Okay.’

If the error still occurs then your printer driver is manipulating. In computer, the Printer error is still showing; it is because of the Printer not get proper internet connectivity.

Steps to Install the driver in the following ways:

1. Detach the USB from your Printer.

2. Now, open the ‘Device and Printers’

3. Press on ‘Add Printer’ and then on ‘Add a Local Printer.’

Steps to Install the driver in the following ways

4. Tap on ‘Use an Existing Port’ and scroll down you will find and choose LPT1

5. Set the printer name in the type box and tap next; in this situation, your printer driver will start the installation and complete spontaneously.

6. Now linked the USB to your Printer and the PC. So now it will help you out the HP Printer error GET DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml

7. You will now display a window saying ‘Device Driver was not favourably installed’.

8. Now, close it and arrange the driver in ‘Printed Properties’ by changing the name of the port LPT1 to USB OR DOT4.

9. Last but not least, you should run an upgrade of your Printer Driver.

So these steps surely help you out with “HP Printer Error “GET? DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml HTTP/1.1” -”. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly, we will help you out for sure.

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