How To Fix HP Printer Error 0X61000F6 | Methods

HP Printer Error 0X61000F6 is that type of printer error in HP Printer while printing out documents. The printer helps in print, scan and fax the images. So now you have to follow the below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot this printer error immediately. A printer scanner can scan the documents and convert them into digital format printing. This blog will assist you in solving the problem “How To Fix HP Printer Error 0X61000F6”.

HP Printer Error 0X61000F6

Method 1) Solving the HP Printer Error 0X61000F6 by Switching your printer off and on:-

1. Firstly, the power button will switch off the printer. In case it doesn’t switch off, at least wait for one minute and then switch it off. It leads to the printer not working.

Switching your printer off and on

2. Once it switches off and you have to wait for one minute to refresh, tap on the power button again to Switch ON your printer.

3. Now, if the problem is being resolved, do not go for the next solution. If it doesn’t, then go ahead with the following method.

Method 2) Cleaning Jammed Paper:-

If your printer has any paper jammed, it leads to a printer pause situation while printing the documents. HP Printer Error 0X61000F6 So you have to remove the tears of paper jammed in the printer, so you don’t face the printer not working. But you should not detach the report from the front of the printer as this can leads to multifaceted to the printing machine. Below are steps of eliminating paper jammed from the back of the printer.

Cleaning Jammed Paper

1. Tap on the power button to turn off your printer.

2. Now, You have to detach the power cable.

3. Tap the switches from both the side of the rear access panel.

4. Now, you have to pull the board softly.

5. Now, again, deliberately take out the papers from the rollers.

6. At the moment, resolve back the real access panel.

7. Now, Reconnecting the power cable.

8. Tap the power button again to turn on your printer.

If the HP Printer Error 0X61000F6 persists, go ahead to the next step where the top cover is opened and paper jammed is cleared. So the below-mentioned steps are included are as follows:-

1. Tapping the Power button to switch off your printer.

Tapping the Power button to switch off your printer

2. At the moment, Disconnect the power cable.

3. Now, opening the Cartridge access door.

4. Now you have to move carriage handy to a side of the product.

5. You have to close the cartridge access door.

6. Tapping the power button to switch on your printer.

If the issue is still not eliminated, you should troubleshoot the printer error or go-ahead to the next solution.

Method 3) HP Printer Error 0X61000F6 for Examining The Movement of Carriage:-

Follow the below-mentioned steps for assuring easy movement of the carriage.

1. Firstly, Disconnecting the USB wire and power cable from the printer.

2. Now, Opening Cartridge access door.

Examining The Movement of Carriage

3. Tapping the carriage catch handle firmly for closing it accurately.

4. Examing the movement of the carriage by putting average pressure on it.

5. Disconnecting barriers from the carriage.

6. Now, Closing cartridge access door.

7. Reconnecting the disconnected wire and power wire.

8. Turning on the printer and examining it.

So, all these above solutions surely help you out. “How To Fix HP Printer Error 0X61000F6“. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly. We will help you out for sure.

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