How to Fix HP Printer 50.4 Fuser Error?

An error code 50.4 on HP printer record a “fuser heater wire failure”. Printer fuser error is to fix this error you need to replace the fuser. This kind of printer problem interlinked to its internal defect due to fuser fault. This kind of question shows you that there is a problem with the power supply. Printer error is the most common issues so you may resolve by unplugging and restart your printer. Check cables and wireless connection so if it is any query you may solve immediately. You can get about steps when you tap on the software HP Support Assistant. Once you click on software, you will receive every type of solutions. You are just needed to follow up the instructions and eliminate your obstacles.

For a short- term period you must fix the Printer fuser error, you can seek to turn the HP Printer off and back it on again. Sometimes Printer pause is faced by many users, and it may cause printer not working at all so here we are resolving all the issues related to printer pause if the status appears on your screen is printer pause, so it is unable to print your command. Sometimes restart of computer will reset the fuser so that you can resume printing the left pages.

Why HP Printer 50.4 Fuser Error Occurs?

1. In case there is happening of a stake in temperature, the fuser may get damaged. Printer fuser error occurs, and your HP printer will not print instantly.

2. The 50.4 error may exhibit due to printing a baseless kind of media. Those invalid file wrapped up in the fuser, and consequently, the printer 50.4 error appears on the screen.

3. Such a printer fuser error message occurs due to something went wrong with the power circuit.

4. Something went inaccurate with the windows repository can also result in the printer fuser error.

What are the Solutions to Fix HP Printer 50.4 Error:

There are several few steps through which you can diagnose this printer fuser error from your HP Printer. Afterwards, focus on the below-mentioned points and follow them very attentively:

Solution 1: Restart Your HP Printer

Restart Your HP Printer

1. Turn the printer off from the power button, and they wait for almost one minute. Now turn it back on again. You can manually change the status, so that printer pause doesn’t interrupt still showing printing also.

2. While plugging it to the wall socket, make assured that printer fuser error gives error to your printer so you can improve your printer settings by getting constant power supply.

Solution 2: Check the Wall Socket

Check the Wall Socket

1. You should always keep checking on wall socket connected with the printer so printer fuser error not creating any problem in the printing procedure.

Solution 3: Reset the Fuser

1. Switch off the printer and plug out the power string from the switchboard.

2. Now, wait for little seconds and open the right door of the printer.

3. Move your two blue fuser handles toward the centre of the fuser.

4. Now, slide the fuser to right door for taking it out.

5. Always, you must check there is no paper stuck inside the printer, so no disturbance created at the time of printouts.

6. If you find any piece of paper then immediately remove it from the printer, it may create a problem for you.

7. Put the fuser back to the printer.

8. Turn out the fuser away from the centre.

9. Close the printer door.

10. After all this, plug the power cable back to the switchboard and then switch on the button so that your HP Printer device will be accessible.

Use HP Support Assistant to Fix 50.4 Fuser Error HP Printer:

Fuser Error HP Printer

HP Support Assistant is the time consuming and   Convenient application. It used to keep your PC running trouble-free, so that printer fuser error is not disturbing your work. It is an integral support system for your computer and printer and hence can be accessed to maintain the HP devices presentation.

Apart from HP Printer 50.4 Error there are various most common computer and printer problem arises, so printer fuser error is the most common error is showing because of many reasons. For example, Audio check can figure out and help to settle down the issues if you are facing any hassle in hearing voice notes from your computer.

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