There is always most common matter we all are facing with the HP Laptop overheated this is most everyday problems facing with HP Laptops getting overheating and many people can’t resolve these issues. If you want to Prevent HP Laptop from Overheating so don’t worry.

HP laptop firstly you face the main problem in HP Laptop overheated where Laptop’s screen becomes blue, Laptop gets crack-up and drops some specifics. You even don’t understand that overheating is the beginning of the matter and when you want to solve the problem so unless you don’t have that much time to save your Laptop from overheating and your motherboard collapse. So, be quick and follow all the steps related to the HP Laptop Overheating so that you can quickly resolve the problems without any worries. An essential part is before starting any work related to hardware, take some time to back up your Laptop first.

Causes of Overheating in HP Laptop:

1. Sometimes old HP laptop/ Notebook you might have to face the issue because of dirt choke in the air vents, don’t make these mistakes and prevents life of HP Laptop Overheating.

2. If Air fan is not working correctly with enough speed. So might be a problem meeting with the settings of fan speed.

3. If the base got chunk air inlets then that could be an issue for overheating.

4. Main point – when a thermal pad on the heat sink/ processor melt, so that’s the main problem occurs in your HP Notebook/ Laptop and then HP Laptop overheated.

5. If you unlocked many sites to run at one time, then this may face overheating problem in your HP Laptop.

6. Any other hardware problem you may face so you can see this problem also overheating in HP Laptop.

7. Whenever you feel your Laptop getting hot, place your hand towards the fan vents. You will know whether the Laptop’s fan is working fine if you feel hot air blowing out of the vents, so the problem is arising.

8. If you feel tiny or no air when you place your hand, maybe some dust gathered on the fan, or it has broken down. So, please keep checking the fan and clean it regularly it saves the life of HP Laptop.

Methods to Fix HP Laptop from Overheating:

So, the below mentioned given instructions go through very carefully and then it is sure that your HP Laptop overheating problem resolve with these preventive measures. Take a glance at once:

1. Buy a Laptop cooling mat- We all know many brands are there for cooling mats such as Thermaltake, Xion, Targus and many other profitable brands. You can buy Cooling mats from HP Laptop stores also so purchase the best one which is right for you and prevent your HP Laptop overheated.

2. Protect from Overheating you can also buy rigid cardboard, lap desk, tray table, foldable laptop stands and plastic casing. Hence, all these have a solid flat base which can be easily airflow, so here you need to follow these steps to save your HP Laptop Overheating.

3. Take some preventive measures from overheating and be sure that you are not to use to work on the sofa, carpets, folded blankets, one double bed or any hard or warm material it is hazardous for your Laptop. Doing so can chunk the vents that located on a base of HP Laptop overheated, and this problem becomes reducing the airflow, that causes overheating. So, keep away your Laptop from all these things.

4. The small rubber feet on the bottom provides standard elevation to enhance airflow underneath your Laptop.

5. Try to operate your Laptop in calm surroundings. So, in this way your Laptop is away from overheating. If you want a long life of your Laptop so make sure you must avoid all these things and place your Laptop in a cool air-conditioned place.

6. To get strip your HP laptop overheated, use a heat sink. Buy a flat steel bar for its external heat sink.

7. At least you must clean all the parts of Laptop by using a brush and prevent it from overheating.

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