[Complete Guide] | How to Setup a Wireless HP Printer

Your HP Printer must be installed and operational together with your desktop, but what if you would like your printer also to associate itself with the laptop? Are you having a tough time installing the printer to the computer? But worries are over as we provide the complete guide to set this connection of your HP Printer with numerous devices. If you’re still confused about this procedure and even have another issue associated with your HP Printer, you’ll always reach out to HP Printer Technical for fast solutions. The team of HP Printer Technical Support tries their best to assist the purchasers.

Setup a Wireless HP Printer

If you would like multiple devices to be enabled with the HP Printer, you would like a wireless printer. You furthermore may need a wireless network connection because individually connecting the cords to all or any of the devices at their respective time is a hassled process. So setting your HP Printer over the prevailing wireless network will see the success of things.

We will begin by collecting the knowledge of the access point or router. This can include:

  • Name of the network hub or, in technical terms, referred to as the SSID.
  • The network key or encryption key or security key(WEP key or WPA) or, in layman terms, the password of the modem
  • We will confirm that the modem, printer, and therefore the laptop are turned ON. Also, assure that the computer features a reference to the web.
  • Make sure that the wireless HP printer is placed near or within an acceptable range to the laptop.
Setup a Wireless HP Printer
  • If your printer was initially over a USB reference to your desktop or the other device, switch it to the wireless connection and disconnect the USB cable.
  • For switching this connection mode, you’ll follow these steps:
  • Under the beginning menu, look for devices and printers, then under the displayed list of options, click on your HP Printer model.
  • On the subsequent page, select the Utility option, select Printer Setup & Software Selection.
  • A pull-down list appears where you’ll see the choice of ‘Convert a USB connected printer to wireless’ or ‘Connect a replacement Printer.’ It varies as per the version of Windows you’re using.
  • The mode of connection for your printer has been successfully changed to the wireless network.
Setup a Wireless HP Printer

Next, we’ll connect the HP Printer to the prevailing Internet network to start out using it with multiple devices. It depends on your printer’s model also because the features of the wireless network access and connections vary as per these.

  • If both your printer and router possess the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), then you’re good to travel with this installation procedure. Moreover, the router must have a WPS pushbutton, and it must use a WPA or WPA2 security.
  • Establishing a connection is as easy as these two simple steps: First, activate the WPS button available on your HP Printer. Then immediately start the WPS button on your router.
  • Your printer is successfully set over the wireless reference to no requirement of entering SSID or network key.
  • If your printer features a touchscreen display, you’ll set the connection over the wireless network using the HP Wireless Setup Wizard. Below are the required steps to undertake;
Setup a Wireless HP Printer
  • From the instrument panel menu of your HP Printer, select the Network option. Then click on the wireless option then proceed towards Settings.
  • A list will appear displaying the names of the various network names in and around the range of your printer.
  • Choose the access point from the SSID data.
  • But sometimes, you’ll not be ready to see the name of your router. During this case, scroll right down to rock bottom of the list. Then, manually enter the name of your connection. And take utmost care regarding the issues (lowercase or uppercase) or feeding special characters as per the name’s exactness.
  • After it detects the name, then it’ll invite the password of the connection. Also, remember here to enter the WPA key correctly.
  • Your printer has successfully connected to the wireless connection.
  • If your printer doesn’t have a small screen, then you’ll proceed with a short-lived connection to the HP printer. Use a USB cable while installing the printer software to your devices.
  • You can install the printer software using the installation CD or the HP Website on the device you want to start printing. The software will automatically guide and insert or remove the USB cable and abide by the instructions thoroughly.

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